Cocora Valley, August 2018

I went to Colombia August 2018 with two friends for a wedding. Friends of ours were celebrating their union in a little place one hour from Santa Marta on the Pacific coast.

So we planed a road trip for two weeks starting in Bogota and then Salento, Guatape, Medellin, Cartagena and finally Santa Marta.

Before the trip I had just bought my first camera (Canon compact).

I think that trip was a challenge from a physical and photographic point of view:

Physically because we were moving from town to town every two or three days with heavy bags and sometimes the weather was very hot and humid plus you could encounter heavy tropical rains…

Photographic because all of my trips so far have been in big cities, in an urban environment with many buildings around and now it would be mostly landscapes with a lot a palm trees, beaches and jungle exploration.

Some places were incredibly interesting to shoot such as the Cocora Valley with the longest palm trees in the world (it was foggy when we visited, adding a creepy atmosphere to the place) and the Tayrona Park with all the Natives living in the park).

What I enjoyed about this trip (aside from the beautiful landscapes and stories that happened to us) is that I had to adapt my style of photography: I didn’t know enough about how to photograph landscapes or spots out of an urban environment.

Moreover, at that time, I didn’t have a camera that offered me many possibilities (I couldn’t change the lens so I could only shoot at 50mm max).

Anyway, those two weeks were full of learning and it still remains one of my best trips to date.